Year: 2020

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Easter 3 Sermon

Sermon Text: Luke 24: 13-35 There is a phrase in this gospel text that hits me square in the gut every time.  I believe that it may be the saddest phrase in all of scripture.  “But we had hoped…” On this journey to Emmaus, the disciples, when discussing the events of Jesus’ trial and crucifixion …

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Lent 5 Sermon

Sermon Text: John 11: 1-45 Have you been to the grocery store lately?  It totally has this otherworldly feel to it right now, doesn’t it?  For me, the awkwardness at the grocery store can best be compared to a viewing at a funeral home.  There is tension in the air, people are acting strangely, nobody …

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Lent 4 Sermon

This week’s worship was video recorded. Find it here: Sermon Text: Psalm 23 There’s a character in the Psalms, who pops up again and again:  the enemy.  The enemy is a constant presence throughout the Psalter—this nameless foe who threatens everything and everyone.  One of my favorite seminary professors taught that in the Psalms …

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Lent 3 Sermon

Sermon text: John 4: 5-42 At Taize Tuesday this past week we reminisced about summer—for many the favorite season of the year.  Summer was a favorite because of the beach, camp, the pool, vacations, sunshine, warm weather, being outdoors, and the all too important break from the everyday grind that it offers, especially for those …

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Lent 1 Sermon

Sermon texts: Genesis 2: 15-17; 3: 1-7 and Matthew 4: 1-11 As a pastor, one of the most interesting educations is the process of learning how people are connected and related by either blood or marriage.  Some of this information is pretty apparent, based on last names or who you sit with in the pews …

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