Social Distancing Guidelines

Safety precautions will change our worship. It will be different. Here’s what to expect as we gather together:

Masks. The wearing of masks is required. Should you forget to bring a mask, one will be
made available for you. We wear masks for communal health. “My mask protects you, your mask
protects me.”

Social Distancing. You will find pews marked with blue tape. These are the pews you are to sit in.
Please maintain a six foot distance from people from different households. This applies not only during the service, but also as we arrive and leave the building.

Signing in. There will be a host or hostess at each door to take your name and phone number. This will
assist any contact tracing that may need to occur.

Offering. Offering boxes will be at the entrances to the sanctuary. Please deposit your envelopes in
these boxes. We will not pass the offering plates.

Bulletins. Bulletins will be placed on pews where you may sit. Please take the bulletin with you after
the service.

Sanitization and Ventilation. Our sexton, Rick Fairhead, will sanitize surfaces in the sanctuary
between services. We will also utilize a combination of open windows, fans, and air conditioning to provide the best possible ventilation for the sanctuary.

Some familiar elements of our church life will be missing as we gather:

Communion. We will continue to refrain from communion for the moment. It will be phased in after
we grow accustomed to our new changes.

Singing. Some studies have found singing significantly increases respiratory discharge. We will not
sing in our services. Musical offerings and interludes will be played instead.

Passing the Peace. We will not include the Passing of the Peace in the worship service. Feel free to
greet others from a distance as you see them.

Coffee Hour. Coffee hour will be discontinued until it is safe to resume.

Sunday School. Sunday School will enter into a summertime hiatus.